40 Minutes

A domestic performance celebrating Lena’s 40th birthday, 29 November 2014.
The performance took place on Sunday, 30 November at 4pm.
This performance was created in the lead up to Lena’s 40th.
Working for 40 minutes every day for 40 days, from 20 October to 28 November.
A creation of 40 notebooks for 40 women in Lena’s life in the UK, post the age of 25.

notebook,jpg WP_20141130_17_05_32_Pro printers ink

A performance on the stairs of the house.
Fearing age, confronting stuckness, imagining utopia here and now.
Growing up.
Lamenting and confessing.
Understanding in the making.
Compiling, writing, cutting, glueing, reading, narrating.

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WP_20141130_17_04_47_Pro WP_20141130_17_05_09_Pro WP_20141130_17_05_22_Pro

Presents for the 40th birthday were notebooks.

One of the 40 invited women, Geraldine Harris, wrote a review of 40 Minutes.