01 artists4corbyn

Artists4Corbyn was formed by a group of artists from Manchester and Liverpool in the lead up to GE2017 with an Open Letter to artists and cultural workers calling them to openly support Labour Manifesto policies. All the signatories were transcribed onto the red banner. Currenlty the number stands at around 3000.

Our Artists4Corbyn journey including the Banner Making, touring of marginal seats, election day activities and Marginal Sunday events are all documented on the specially designed site Artists4Corbyn website.

Here are a few photos showcasing the banner activity.

banner all election everton 1 chester 1
Institute Everton Park on election day  marginal Chester
election 8 warrington 5  southport 2
with Margaret Greenwood MP
in marginal Wirral West
with Maxine Peake in marginal Warrington South marginal Southport
IMG_E0147 election 1 election 2
polling station on election day Bombed Out Church on election day radical News from Nowhere bookstore on election day
 IMG_2409  IMG_1342
marginal Hebden Bridge marginal Blackpool North