Women of Europe

Women of Europe
Study Room in Exile Event

27 July 2016 Liverpool
The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home


Women of Europe gathered Annalaura from Italy, Gergana from Bulgaria, Kathrin from Germany, Lorena from Spain, Niamh from Ireland, Sidsel from Denmark, Zoe from Greece, Zoë from the UK. The event was chaired by Lena from Croatia. The gathering took place in the aftermath of the EU referendum. At the call of Annalaura, the women watched Rosi Braidotti’s address at the European Parliament on 27 March 2013, or as Braidotti calls it, her ‘love poem to the European Union’ prior to the meeting.

The email invite was sent to all the participants on 17 June. The UK referendum on EU membership took place on 23 June 2016.

“The EU referendum is approaching. I am deeply saddened by Jo Cox’s tragic death. I am voting ‘remain’ but I am not enthusiastic about it at all. I’d rather abstain, but don’t want hate to win. I feel I want to be out of it all. I am from Croatia, but I am also British (so therefore can vote). I dislike being identified by my nationality – I was born a Yugoslav, which no longer exists. None of it makes sense to me. It feels strange to identify you all by your EU countries. I needed to frame this email and event.

Euro 2016 football cup is on, I wonder if this is all fixed, if the referendum was decided to be on now when national pride is running high. Croatia is playing Czech Republic right now. My Facebook feed is full of nationalistic pride and joy – ‘be proud’ is their slogan. I am rather unnerved.

Gary’s off to Greece on Friday 24th – the day we find out if UK are in or out of EU. He’s attending Performance Biennial called ‘No Future’. Whilst he’s away, I thought to organize a conversation with you all, Women of Europe, about your sense of belonging here, and your feelings about the result of the referendum.

You are all migrants from EU countries to the UK, for various reasons you have ended up in Liverpool. I assume you all to be privileged migrants – just like me. We are others, but we are not that othered… or are we? What are our degrees of otherness? Why think like this at all?

I invite to join me for a conversation about Europe and belonging in the Study Room in Exile, part of the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home, 55 Kemp Avenue, L5 6QG on Monday 27th June at 7 pm – after the weekend of reflection on the result.

Bread, cheese and wine will be provided. Bring some of your country’s delicatessens, if you wish.

RSVP – and if you know anyone else from EU country, which is not represented here – I thought it would be performative and awkward for one person from each country to attend this gathering carrying the burden of national representation – please bring them along (but let me know beforehand so I can organize bread, cheese and wine).



Full documentation of the event is available here: