Women’s Ageing Group – WAG

Lena at 30

In 2012 the Institute have been preoccupied with Reproduction, Documentation and Ageing.

We’ve celebrated Gary’s 40th birthday with short performances on ageing; we’ve worried about reproductive matters; we’ve revitalized our garden and deep cleaned the house (thank you Stuart Watson and Cinderfella: Dr Persilovsky); we’ve revamped our website (thank you to the vacuum cleaner) and are planning to produce the Institute book with Nicola Kirkham in 2013.

The Institute’s theme for 2012 came about for two reasons: Lena’s attendance of of Rozsika Parker celebration event at Birkbeck titled Art Feminism and Psychoanalysis on 10 December 2011  including her follow up discussion about feminism and ageing with Paula McCloskey and Gary’s 40th Birthday.

Lena’s 38th birthday on 29th November 2012 was framed as the start up of WAGWomen’s Ageing Group.
There were 9 women present ranging from early 20s to early 50s: Grace Harrison, Zoe Zontou, Julieann O’malley, Brit Jurgensen, Mary Pearson, Lorena Rivero de Beer, Lena Simic, Claudia Brazzale and Carmel Clarey. A rather weird and wonderful conversation – but not sure women are that keen to keep the group going…