Gary gets Spinoza

Gary gets Spinoza for his Birthday

Gary hates his own birthdays and Lena hates Gary’s birthdays because he claims he only ever wants somehing for a pound from a charity shop. Lena insists this doesn’t make birthdays easier. After more than twenty years of birthday-partner-present struggle Lena has organised what Gary has come to call his best birthday present ever – their friends recording their voices reading what Gary pretends (coz Deleuze said it once) is the best book ever: Spinoza’s Ethics.

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Book 1  2015 Family and Liverpool Hope University comrades

Sid Anderson     Intro

Gabriel Anderson     Definitions

Neal Anderson     Axioms

Steve Shakespeare     Proposition 1-7

Alice Colquhoun     Proposition 8

Ben Phillips     Proposition 9-10

Lena Simic     Proposition 11

Cathy Butterworth     Proposition 12-14

John Bennett     Proposition 15

Kris Darby     Proposition 16-17

Lorena Rivero de Beer Proposition 18-20

Mark Greenwood     Proposition 21-22

Mike Finn     Proposition 23-27

Niamh Malone     Proposition 28-31

Victor Merriman     Proposition 32-33

Zoe Zontou     Proposition 34-36

Lena Simic     Appendix 1-3


Book 2 2016 Family and the Family Activist Network comrades

James Anderson     Title

Sid Anderson     Preface

Gabriel Anderson     Definitions

Neal Anderson     Axioms

Paula McCloskey     Proposition 1-6

Sam Vardy     Proposition 7-10

Jodie Hawkes     Proposition 11-13

Pete Phillips     Axiom 1-Lemma 7

Zoe Svendsen     Postulates 1-6 Proposition 14-17

Leo Mellor     Proposition 16-18

Steve Shakespeare     Proposition 22-25

Sarah Amsler     Proposition 26-36

Anna Townley     Proposition 37-39

Lawrence Bradby     Proposition 40

Jen Verson     Proposition 41-43

Leah Lovett     Proposition 44

Neal Anderson     Proposition 45-46

Sandy Grierson     Proposition 47

Mike Finn     Proposition 48

Lena Simic     Proposition 49


Book 3 2017 Family and Live Art/Activist comrades

James Anderson     Title

Gabriel Anderson     On the Origin and Definitions

Steve Shakespeare   Proposition 1-2

Adele Senior     Proposition 3-9

Alan Read     Proposition 10-15

Rev Billy     Proposition 16-20

Daniel Simpkins     Proposition 21-25

Fern Smith     Proposition 26-29

Jane Trowell     Proposition 30-33

Lois Keidan     Proposition 34-37

Mike Finn     Proposition 38-40

Nicola Kirkham     Proposition 41-45

Simon Murray     Proposition 46-50 + extra

Savitri D     Proposition 51-54

Sonya Servine     Proposition 55-58

Penny Whitehead     Proposition 59

Neal Anderson     Definitions of Emotions

Lena Simic     Definitions of Emotions

Sid Anderson     General Definition


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