For the Love of It

On 15th May, the Institute ran workshop ‘Collectivity’ for ‘For the Love of It‘ conference organized by Artquest.

The aim of this conference was to explore the assumptions, expectations and myths of working as an artist today.

Keynote speakers were Lynda Morris and Sonia Boyce. We were part of ‘break out sessions’. Four main themes for the workshops/break out sessions were: Success, Research, Value and Collectivity. We were Collectivity.

The Institute decided to offer its £400 artist fee to Collectivity workshop participants. The workshop participants were to add £26 to £400 making it £426 artist fee and create a residency for the Institute. As it turned out, the Institute were commissioned by the workshop participants to do their own residency. The participants created a series of tasks that the Institute are still struggling to complete… The Institute have decided to complete For the Love of It Collectivity residency it in their new house in Anfield in 2014.

Polemic in the end of the For the Love of It conference was provided by Ellie Harrison, inspired by this quote:
“If you can’t make art without making a permanent imprint on the physical aspects of the world, then maybe art is not worth making.” Lawrence Weiner 1969
Ellie was passionate, critical, political and inspiring! She called for more politicized positions within artistic practice and supported it with brilliant examples of both her own and other artists’ practices.