The Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School

The Institute are currently involved in developing a theatrical performance about The Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School (1908 – 1916,renamed into The International Modern School in late 1909) together with Lorena Rivero de Beer and Ste Higginson. This is about rethinking radical history and asking questions about children’s education and critical thinking. More information about The Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School (1908-1916) is available through anarchist magazine Organize here.

Premises for The Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School:

November 1908: Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School opens in Toxteth Co-operative Hall (Smithdown Road)
January 1909: Liverpool Anarchist-Communist Sunday School moves to ILP (Independent Labour Party) rooms in Tagus Street
Summer 1909: the school moves to the ILP rooms at 1 Clarendon Terrace, Beaumont Street
1911: the school finds new home at Alexander Mall, Islington Square (it was expelled by ILP’s premises)
1913-1916: the Communist Club (on and off) – by this time Jim Dick has gone to London

Alexander Mall, Islington Square – which is 5 minutes walk from the Institute

We are interested in researching Naomi Ploschansky who set up a number of Anarchist Schools in East End and James Dick who set up the Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School. Both were inspired by the work of radical Spanish educationalist and anarchist Francisco Ferrer. Jim and Nellie met in London for May Rally in 2013. They worked together in a number of schools in London before setting off to USA in 1917 and becoming the pioneers of the Modern School movement there.

Nellie and Jim