Dissemination 2016

In April, Lena and Sid presented ‘Beings and Things’ at Playing Up symposium at Tate Modern in London.

In May, Lena and Emily Underwood-Lee presented their collaborative paper ‘Performance and the Maternal’ at ‘Theorizing Motherhood in Academia‘ conference at Museum of Motherhood, Manhattan College, New York. The paper is to be published in the Backpages of Contemporary Theatre Review.

In June 2016, Lena gave an interview for Cultural ReProducers and Temporary Art Review

In July 2016, Gary presented the Institute with a provocation ‘What’s a family home capable of?’ at Dwelling and its Discontents: Art, Home and Economy unconference at PROTOHOME, Newcastle.

Gary and Lena are currently completing ‘Compassion is Dissent’ short article for ‘Precariousness’ edition of Research in Drama Education journal.

Gary and Lena have presented a 10 minutes intervention called ‘Democracy is not Possible Here at ‘In Athens’ Shadow? Radical Cultural Responses to Crisis in Urban Democracy’ symposium at Tate Liverpool in October 2016.

In collaboration with Live Art Development Agency, Emily Underwood-Lee and Lena co-authored Live Art and Motherhod: Study Room Guide on Live Art and the Maternal.

Our new book 4 Boys [for Beuys] can be bought for £4 + postage via Unbound bookstore.