A Couple of Attempts at Slow Travel


From Liverpool to Dubrovnik in June 2009 – part of Two Degrees commission:
Liverpool – London train, sleepover at Ben and Tina’s 16/6
London – Paris train, Eurostar 17/6
Paris- Munich overnight train 17/6
Munich – Zagreb, all day train, sleep at Branka and Sandro’s 18/6
Zagreb -Split overnight train, 4 hours late, makes us miss our ship to Dubrovnik 19/6
Split – Dubrovnik coach 20/6

From Dubrovnik to Liverpool in August 2009 – the aim was to get to Climate Camp, but we never made it…
Dubrovnik – Rijeka ship 27/8
All day in Rijeka 28/8
Rijeka – Munich overnight train 28/8
Munich – London all day train via Brussels, sleepover at Christine and Charlie’s 29/8
Climate Camp, we came to the very brink of it and defeated/run down, conspiracy of circumstances, decided to turn back…. 30/8
Rent-a-car to Liverpool! 30/08