Dissemination 2009


Lena presented the Institute with two different topics, one on internationalism at Internationale: Radicalizing Internationalism in the Arts, an event at the Bluecoat, one on maternal labour at M(o)ther Trouble conference at Birkbeck. The Institute is pleased to present Maternal Labour DVD.

Participation at Performance Studies international (PSi) Conference ‘Misperformance’ in Zagreb (June 2009). Lena chaired a panel of ourselves, Branka Cvjeticanin along with curators of the Salon of the Revolution Ivana Bago and Antonija Majaca.

Ania Bas invited the Institute to make a banner for her blog for the month of May. We decided to draw from the rich tradition of Mayday banners and made our own. We believe that another world is possible and can hear the rising cry of our own capitalistic subjectivities screaming “MAYDAY!MAYDAY!MAYDAY!”

Gary thought it might be useful to offer a dissenting voice to the Climate for Change event at FACT. During a panel Assault on Culture III covened by Mute Magazine (April 2009) he gagged himself with gaffer tape and read out (in a muffled voice) a prepared statement about the inherent dangers afoot when institutions actively promote dissent.

In September Gary made a trip to Bristol for Residence in Residence event and in October he joined in INTERROGATION Walsall event.