C Words

Participation at PLATFORMs C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capital, Culture, Arnolfini, Bristol

The Institute took up a residency at C Words  – Half-Term Holiday on a barge with an array of events, performances and activities.

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Here’s a peek at the Institute’s week diary:

Monday 26th October: Gary Neal and Gabriel arrive in Bristol, sleep in a canal barge with the Arnolfini to one side and LloydsTSB to the other. We live that way for a week.
Tuesday 27th October: Spending taxpayers money on an ethical shopping tour and picnic (led by Bristol based James from Action Hero)
Wednesday 28th October: A performance ‘Planes, Trains and Slow Travel’ at the Embedded Symposium. Branka, our eco-au pair arrives from Zagreb, Croatia just in time to take part in the performance – check her slow travel blog.
Thursday 29th October: Branka’s performance with Neal and Gabriel ‘Acid Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’ about the easy flow of Acid Rain from affluent to non affluent nations in this case Austria to Croatia. Lena and Sid arrive.
Friday 30th October: Mizzy day in the gallery (inspired by mischief night) + the painting of the banner with a new slogan ‘With our £2000 artist fee we are going to COP 15’.
Saturday 31th October: An anti-capitalist Halloween. We sat in Trapese’s Geodome and reached group consensus with children and others on how best to protest the current banking crisis under the disguise of Halloween.
Sunday 1st November: A Performance Report – A performance that detailed most of the week’s highlights (and lowlights).