Three Sisters

Three Sisters

An Unrehearsed Reading of Three Sisters play by Anton Chekhov took place at the Institute on 31 January 2014. The event was organized to coincide with the 113th anniversary of the opening night of Three Sisters at the Moscow Arts Theatre on 31 January 1901. This was a house warming and an opportunity to meet baby James.

Sound recording of the unrehearsed reading

james sid gabriel
Institute baby James Institute child Sid Institute child Gabriel


gary neal lena all again
Institute teenager Neal
Institute father
Institute baby James
Institute mother
Performance for the Institute family

The reading was performed by the Drama, Dance and Performance Studies department at Liverpool Hope University – Gary and Lena’s workplace. From 2009 onwards, after Lena did a solo performance called ‘Masha Serghyeevna’, Gary and Lena have been spending odd evenings casting their department in Three Sisters. They finally managed to get round to this by organizing this  unrehearsed reading in 2014. Still longing for Moscow (or at least somewhere else to make a life really, really worth it)

feature post reading 1
 Cast reading…  Post reading…
post reading 2 all
Post reading… Cast reading…

Narrator – Cathy Butterworth (Lena’s maternity cover)
Prozorov, Andrey Serghyeevich – Brian Desmond
Natasha, Natalia Ivanovna – Sarah  Black
Olga Serghyeevna – Claudia Brazzale
Masha, Maria Serghyeevna – Niamh Malone
Irena Serghyeevna- Zoe Zontou
Koolyghin, Fiodor Ilych – Victor Merriman
Vershinin, Alexandr Ignatyevich – Simon Piasecki
Toozenbach, Nikolai Lvovich – Kris Darby
Soliony, Vassily Vassilich – Declan Patrick
Chebutykin, Ivan Romanych – Brian Desmond
Fedotik, Aleksey Petrovich – Victor Merriman/Declan Patrick
Rode, Vladimir Karlovich – Victor Merriman/Declan Patrick
Ferapont Spiridonych – Victor Merriman
Anfisa – Cathy Butterworth/Gabriel Anderson

We missed Carmel Cleary, David Crilly, John Bennett, Mark Greenwood and Rachel Sweeney.

vershinin narrator andrey natasha
 Cathy as Narrator, Simon as Vershinin  Brian as Andrey  Sarah as Natasha


olga masha irene koolyghin
Claudia as Olga Niamh as Masha Zoe as Irena, Victor as Koolyghin


toozenbach olga anfisa
Claudia as Olga
Gabriel as Anfisa
masha soliony
 Kris as Toozenbach   Niamh as Masha, Declan as Soliony

Andrey’s speech

Sound recording of the unrehearsed reading