Imagine 2020

The Institute have been commissioned by the Artsamdin’s Two Degrees festival and LIFT to produce a performative lecture inspired by the Great Transition Document by nef for Imagine 2020.

Commission rules:
Commission of ten presentations for lecture performances by artists (or possibly philosopher) @ 2500€ each that
– should be inspired by The Great Transition
– can be presented by the author him/herself
– should require no or a very simple theatre staging for their interpretation
– last between 20 and 30 minutes
– could also take the form not of a presentation but an interactive game or audience participation based event (with the same length)
– will be on offer for all Imagine2020 members to book for their specific I2020/NEF event
This extra specification about the project was agreed later:
– The commissioned artistic work does not need to illustrate NEF’s Great Transition Paper, it can react to it and question it.

Locations for 2020 Imagine
Project Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium as the project leader;
Artsadmin, London, UK;
Bunker, Ljubljana, Slovenia;
Domaine d’O, Montpellier, France;
Domino, Zagreb, Croatia;
Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany;
Le Quai, Angers, France;
LIFT, London, UK;
New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Riga, Latvia;
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam, Netherlands;
Transforma, Torres Vedras, Portugal.

We are keen to create a network of activist families in these different countries and give our performative lecture to them…

The Institute presented ‘performance lecture’ at Artsadmin on 22nd June, part of Two Degrees festival, which has been keeping its eye on us (and our carbon footprint) since 2009.

Title: Families in Transit

Copy: As the world gets hotter, a nuclear family emerge to carry the message of The Great Transition. This performance will see a family rehearsing excerpts from the Great Transition; inviting audiences to pick what they think will be the most effective bits to get other families on-board. What tone should the Great Transition take? Shall we keep it scary? Fun-filled? Serious? Rhetorical? Bombastic? Gentle?

Our performance script ‘Families in Transit’  is available for download, and here’s Mini Mundus homemade film which we wanted to show but didn’t have time…


Documentation of our performance ‘Families in Transit’ on 22 June 2013, Artsadmin, London
Filmed and edited by Richard Houguez. Thank you!