Study Room in Exile: Shira Richter Artist Talk

Study Room in Exile: Shira Richter Artist Talk


Shira Richter at the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home. This is Study Room in Exile event.

We were delighted to host artist talk from Shira Richter ‘Where bomb shelters are studios and studios are bomb shelters’.

Shira discussed what it means to be a feminist artist living/working in Israel, where mothers are not only hijacked by the educational system, but also by the army. Thank you to Sarah Black, Paula McCloskey, Rachelle Howard, Helen Sargeant, Fiona Stirling and Jennifer Verson for attending.

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“We usually think of hijacking as a dramatic event, but hijacking happens in every day life, in subtle, invisible ways. You slowly realize your child is held hostage by the establishment. Either you adhere to the party line, or they will fail your child from society. This is implied, in oh so many ways.”

What does a (conscious) parent/mother do?

Shira artistically explores the status of women, mothers and artists, men and masculinity, in the context of a war ridden society in the land of the bible.

Shira Richter is a practicing, multidisciplinary Research-thinker-Artist-Speaker who has been ARTiculating Motherhood/Mothering/MotherValue & Worth (care work) in the socio-political-economic and artistic context, for nearly two decades. She is the author of the award winning woman-adventure documentary film “Two States of Mind” (2002) about women’s voices regarding the Israeli Palestinian conflict and UN resolution 1325. Shira is also Artist Creator of two large scale photography-text-video exhibitions about motherhood: “The Mother Daugther and Holy Spirit” (2006) about the secrets of the transition into motherhood, and “INVISIBLE INVALUABLES” – photography, light, video installation (2011) about the value of mother/care/parent labour in the economic economy.