Rap It Up – The Institute does Eminem

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home are calling for rap entries.

eminem1 headlights

As a family we’ve been listening to Eminem a lot. In the car, at home. The kids love it. We parents are super sensitive to something in it, loving it, worrying about loving it. We thought: let’s open this up a bit. Let’s spend Institute money on this. So, here we are. This is what we thought. Let’s live the contradiction. Let the tensions loose!

Do you want to go to an Eminem concert? Want to come with us? Didn’t manage to get a ticket? Didn’t want to spend loads of money on a ticket? We’re offering two tickets for Eminem on Friday 11th July 2014.

This is what you have to do to win two tickets:

Let’s hear you rap about the state of the country today, post Local and European Parliament Elections, in May 2014.

Unleash your inner Rap God. Let us hear you rage and complain, let’s hear your dissent. Make it personal and political. Pick up a device, don’t be nice, sock it to the bosses, let them count their losses.

Send us a link to your video or sound file at theinstitute@twoaddthree.org by Sunday, 1 June. It has to be a minute long (thereabouts).

All entries will be reviewed during the family. The judging panel will be composed of the young people of the Institute: James, Sid, Gabriel and Neal (all under 14).

Best rap prize:
Two tickets for Eminem concert at Wembley on Friday 11th July.
This event is SOLD OUT so if you want to be there get rappin’!

email theinstitute@twoaddthree.org

Background Story

Lena and Gary first started listening to Eminem in the summer of 2000. This was Marshall Mathers LP. Lena was pregnant with Neal back then. Throughout the years, regardless of Eminem’s notorious and rather politically incorrect lyrics, Lena has consistently listened to Eminem whilst jogging and now and again the parents would play him in the car (but not in front of the kids). Then in the winter of 2014 amongst all the arguing in the car and the new baby screaming away, we all realized that the only song we could agree to listen to was Monster, which was tame enough for our 6 year old Sid and kind of OK for teenage Neal and pre-teenage Gabriel. Slowly, Eminem has found his way, through lots of guilt, discomfort and embarrassment, into the car’s CD player. And here we are… the Institute family listening, rightly or wrongly, to Eminem – it’s in, it’s angry, it’s authentic. We did always enjoy being naughty.

Eminem at Wembley

When we heard that Eminem is coming to Wembley in July, Lena decided to take the older boys. Whilst buying tickets, under pressure and with a horribly slow BT internet, she managed, without really meaning to, to buy 2 sets of 2 tickets and 1 set of 3 tickets – all with reserved seating. What do we do now with 2 sets of 2 tickets? Of course, we could sell them… but why not make it into an Institute project? That’s how we got here.

We first advertised the tickets on Artsadmin’s E-digest, the Live Art list and Facebook with a Sunday the 25th May deadline. We were gonna be going over the entries during half term holiday. To our great disappointment, no one applied.

We then re-advertised the call on Eminem’s Facebook page – under thousands of comments, as that is the only way to post anything with Eminem himself. The deadline was Sunday, 1 June. Again, to our great disappointment, no one applied.

Now, post Sunday, 1 June

We have given 1 set of tickets to Sarah, our babysitter – who is an Eminem fan.

As for the second set of tickets, we are now no longer asking for a rap, only an email from anyone from within live art/performance community who comes across this write up and fancies an Eminem concert.

First come, first served.

Anyone out there within live art and performance who likes Eminem? Email straight away.

We’ll keep it a secret. Don’t worry.

Now, post Tuesday, 1 July

Nobody emailed. Tickets were sent as a gift to a place of their own. Another teenage boy is delighted to be going to Wembley on the 11th.

Mums and Dads will need to chat about all this at artist residency over the summer.