42 Among the Gormleys

42 Among the Gormleys

lena-towards-gormleys lena-gormley-42

Lena celebrated her 42nd birthday on Crosby Beach. 42 Among the Gormleys. She performed Nina’s monologue from Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull’  – Trepliov’s play. She was concerned to address the current state of the world, post Brexit and post Trump election. This is November 2016 and Lena’s thinking about climate change and posthuman condition.

Some beautiful photos from Mark Loudon in the table below: gathering on the beach, creating a circle and introducing one another, searching for Gormley number 42, setting up the stage for the performance at Gormley number 41 and finally 10 minutes of Trepliov’s play.

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mrl_8866 mrl_8876 mrl_8890
mrl_8969 mrl_8907 mrl_8939

Here’s a short video film of the performance  – thank you Dan Simpkins.

A call to friends to join in the performance walk:

Event: Sunday 27 November 2016, 1pm

It’s November 2016 and I am turning 42.

In this desperate time, post Trump and post Brexit, I would like to walk along Crosby Beach – enter Another Place. I would like to be among the Gormleys, yet again, 100 of them, corroded white middle aged men.


The image above is from 2006, exactly 10 years ago.

Join me at the end of the beach (closest railway station: Hall Road) L23 8TA, at the promenade.

Let’s look together for Gormley number 42. There I will perform Treplev’s play – Nina’s monologue about ‘the men, the lions, the eagles, the partridges, the antlered deer, the geese, the spiders, the silent fishes of the deep, starfishes and creatures unseen to the eye’. This is from Chekhov’s Seagull.

cold cold cold … deserted deserted deserted … terrifying terrifying terrifying….

Let’s walk and talk about Trump and Brexit and tides and elements and human bodies becoming iron and creating new life. Let’s walk and talk about climate change and post human visions of landscape and the future, migration and escape. Another Place.

Following the walk, let’s find a pub somewhere on the Waterloo side of the beach…. and enjoy a Sunday Roast.

Bring yourselves, partners, friends, children, pets, animals and rocks – all creatures welcome.

Would be lovely to see you there.

Lena xx