DIY5: First Retreat then Advance!!

We completed DIY5: First Retreat then Advance!! 6 participants + 1 guest + twoaddthree.

DIY5: First Retreat then Advance!!took place in two stages over the two weekends: 11/12 Sep (Retreat) and 20/21 Sep (Advance).

twoaddthree were joined by Abi Lake, Ange Taggart, Caroline Wilson, Lorena Rivero, Jane Trowell, Janice Harding and Steve Higginson. The project’s been supported by Live Art Development Agency. As a group, we collectively spent £500, mostly on feasting. In Retreat we discussed capitalistic subjectivity, went swimming, listened to presentations, walked to the highest and lowest points in Liverpool, experienced some pretentious culture, ate loads and drank some. In Advance we floated some paper boats, distributed ‘illegal’ leaflets, hid some letters, talked to the young and the old, ripped and hid some money, tagged some buildings, took a ferry across the Mersey, posted a message in a baby bottle, walked all the way to New Brighton, ate Fish and Chips and recollected.