AGM 2015 (towards 2016)

Every December parents ask the children whether we should continue with the Institute for the following year.
In December 2015 this conversation happened in Dubrovnik and the children agreed (two of them in their teenagery fashion) – yes, okay (but without wanting it to sneak upon them on a bad day, with a liking for days off school, with an enjoyment of a different feel of the institute room to the rest of the house).

Towards 2016.


We will be continuing with:
Family Activist Network – Plas Cardeon trip and making of a performance.
War and Peace Reading Group – hosting of a weekend in July (Volume 2).
Study Room in Exile – hosting events on Motherhood, Theology and Interventions
The Institute will be finishing up 4 Boys [for Beuys] book, writing up Manifesto Slam and Manifestoval for RiDE journal on Precarity and presenting at PSi22 in Melbourne. We will also be presenting at Playing Up Live Art for adults and kids Symposium at Tate Modern, London.