Demonstration for Gaza, 09.08.2014, London

What a great turnout at the pro Gaza demonstration in London on 09.08.2014.

We are delighted to have run into some old friends. Wonderful to see you Zuzana. How marvellous to meet Eva, Melissa and Clayton’s baby girl.  We have been moved by the solidarity shown by the protestors and such friendliness amongst all that marched.

clayton denwood clayton denwood 1

Photos by Clayton Dentwood

As parents of four children (as humans) we can not stand by and watch the slaughter of the innocent Palestinian children (or any children!). Each time we see a news report of a child who died in Gaza, we weep. By Sid’s 7th birthday 447 children in Gaza have been killed in operation ‘Protective Edge’ (!). How long is the world going to let this slaughter go on for?

What are we going to do? We feel helpless. Yes, we are taking our children to demonstrations (this was James’s first national demo, after he’d had to endure UCU strikes in the cold winter). Yes, we are trying to teach them (and primarily ourselves) about social and ecological justice, but to be honest during this hot summer in England this isn’t good enough.

We all need to unite, we need to identify the injustice and stop it. We need to stand up and be accountable! To be quiet, to ignore this massacre of the innocent is not an option. Please, please, please do all you can to stop this slaughter. Sign petitions. Demonstrate. Boycott Israeli products.  Change public opinions. Read up on Israel-Palestine issues – there’s so much of it out there, so much excellent work has already been done. Be part of the movement for global justice. Free Palestine.