The Anfield Anarchist Communist Sunday School

On the last Sunday of January 2014 we organized the Anfield Anarchist Communist Sunday School.

We wanted to think about ‘naming and new beginnings‘ – given the fact that we had just moved to Anfield from Everton, to our new house and the fact that we are now two add four, or two add three add one.

James Benjamin, our fourth son, was born on 10.01.2014. Lena has written up James’s birth story for the Egg, the Womb, the Head and the Moon blog.

Two young families joined the Institute family: Lorena, Ben and Isaac – part of Tuebrook Transnational – and Dan, Penny and Ingrid – Disrupt Dominant Frequencies.

We went over the history of the Liverpool Anarchist Communist Sunday School. We thought about ‘naming’ and discussed how each one of us was named. We thought about new beginnings, new lives. James Benjamin was named after Gary’s granddad, ‘James Ramsey’ the youngest son of Mrs Ramsey’s eight children in To the Lighthouse, James Dick of the Liverpool Anarchist Sunday School and Jim Larkin. Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob, the little one, the last one.

We thought about how to raise our new babies, how to spend our Sundays, how to grow an anarchist. We thought about families and critical thinking. We decided that we should meet every month, the last Sunday of the month. We thought about what the new school should be called. We settled on Sister Nellie’s Anarchist Communist Sunday School – but later on, we thought the Institute’s Sunday school should be called ‘The Anfield Anarchist Communist Sunday School’. We sort of though, just us, here at the Institute, that as the school moves between the families’ homes the name will change. For every location a new name.

 ingrid isaac james
 kids final

Sunday 26 January 2014 – session on ‘naming and new beginnings’ at the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home