The Institute Makeover

NEWS: The Institute are excited to be working with Studio Polpo and Live Art Development Agency on the Institute Makeover!

This call is now closed.

a call for radical architects, dissident designers and makeshift makeover artists of the far left.

Spring is in the air!

Here at the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home we are gearing up for a big spring clean and the radical transition of sweet baby James’ move to Sid’s bedroom. James will finally be leaving his 16 month sleep-deprived parents alone in the middle of the night. Our teenage Neal has graciously agreed to surrender his big room and move to a smaller one; our pre-teenage Gabriel, meanwhile, is wisely and quietly holding onto his own territory…

However, we are all dreaming about an Institute Makeover. The Institute is our spare room. As it stands it is rather uncomfortable. It is dominated by a large wooden table (which we love and don’t want to get rid off, but might be persuaded…). The Institute is light deprived too, the odd chairs hurt our bums, the books seem inaccessible and remote somehow and the plants have kind of died on us (some of them at least)… . We long for comfort, magic, a reading room, a dining room, a disco, a workshop place, a worship space, a studio, a cinema, a utopia.

makeover1 makeover2
makeover4 makeover3

Can you help? Do you fancy having a go at transforming the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home into a space that works?

We will put our 3 months spring budget into this endeavour. That means 3 x £480 = £1460.
The March money is to be divided between all the design proposals we receive £480 (because we think it’s fair to pay you for ideas, not the other way around as so many ‘selection processes’ now work).
The April money is to be used for the materials £480.
The May money is to be used as an artist fee £480.

Interested? Send us an email and let’s get talking – we’ll share pictures and thoughts about the current state of the Institute and our dreams and visions. The final proposals are due 31.3. 2015.

The family will make a collective decision by early April.
The dissident designer will be invited to the Institute at a mutually convenient time in April or May. Food and board will be provided.

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home is an art activist initiative, run from the spare bedroom of a family home in the brand new housing estate in Everton/Anfield in Liverpool. The Institute has recently moved to this new location; in the past it was decorated with second hand, recycled or given furniture and therefore differed from the rest of the family home. The Institute are two adults and four children who are engaged in family activism, homemade aesthetics, protest and dissent. The Institute is funded by 10% of the family’s income.