The Family Uncut


The Institute took part in the TUC March For The Alternative 26th March rally through London joining the Anarchist and Education Bloc starting at Malet Street moving swiftly on through London to the Strand. We found a Globalise Resistance flag on the way that Sid took quite a shine to. He is turning the world upside down (at least on its side!).

Then we joined UKUNCUT‘s actions up and down Oxford Street’s collection of taxdodgers including BHS (British Home Stores). Together we closed down the shop and set up an impromtu performance space at the front entrance where many people were invited to ‘take the floor’.


On June 18th we went to Artsadmin’s Two Degrees for a really brilliant day of actions and otherwise hobnobbing with other rebel souls – very memorable! We were busy with a performance The Family Cut Out (see images below) before running off, armed with pillows and flyaway footballs to Bash the Bankers at Liverpool Street station with UK Uncut’s Call for Solidarity video. The kids loved the pillowfights! Here’s Two Degres Festival Review by Vanessa Bartlett.

Photographs from The Family Cut Out performance at Two Degrees 2011 event at Artsadmin. Thank you Kevin Biderman.