Spring Actions

PLATFORM and Remember Saro-Wiwa lot occupied the space from 22nd to 26th April.

PLATFORM were touring Remember Saro-Wiwa bus to Liverpool’s Albert Dock. Hope Collective from Liverpool Hope University joined them in their celebrations. For more information about their stay at the Institute, download ‘A Conversation with PLATFORM’ in Archive. Photos by Martin LeSanto-Smith

Dan Simpkins and Penny Whitehead came for a ‘chat about thoughts of cultural dissent’. We did some DIY, tea, biscuits and wine. The Institute for the Art and Practice for Dissent at Home is now a part of a new artistic syndicate, established to raise questions about UK arts funding and to provide a structure in which alternative systems and approaches can be explored. We play lotto every Saturday! FANTASTIC!

Elaine Kordys and Di Clay were here for tea, some beer as well. We talked about kids and revolution. Helen Simpson visited us, brought a popcorn making machine and delighted us all. We talked about family matters, children, how popcorn works and what it might mean to be a feminist. We talked about class matters and struggled to define class sensibility – although we all seemed to like the term.

twoaddthree presented The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home in greenroom, Manchester for emergency workshare. We will take this piece further! This is the beginning of ‘family picnics’ as performance making strategy of how to perform with children.

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home forged links between Liverpool and Cardiff (one Culture of Capital to another). We advertised on Live Art list for a Live Art Opportunity, inviting interested parties to visit our Capitalism of Culture – we had a spare train ticket from Cardiff to Liverpool, on the day Riise headed in the wrong direction! Are we all doomed? Own goals, art exchanged for sport, culture for capitalism, home for activism?

Is Liverpool’s culture headed in the wrong direction?
Is Riise trying to tell us something?

Inspired by Unknown Poets and Papering over the Cracks twoaddthree have visited a nearby derelict building and regenerated it with some poetry: Robert Frost’s Reluctance.