The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home based in a family home in Liverpool, UK, founded in 2007 is an intervention into family life and the normative upbringing of children and is funded by 10% of the family’s net income. The Institute are Gary Anderson (45), Lena Simic (43), Neal (17), Gabriel (15), Sid (10) and James (4) and now Tesla Spinoza (dog, 3 months). Their publications include art activist books 4 Boys [for Beuys] (2016), The Mums and Babies Ensemble (2015), Five (2008-2012) (2014) and publications for Contemporary Theatre Review, Performance Research, RiDE, Feminist Review, Meta Mute, The Concept Store Journal, Liverpool Art Journal as well as numerous national and international conferences. They have presented work at Tate Modern, Arnolfini, Artsadmin, the Live Art Development Agency, the Bluecoat, FACT, Tobacco Factory, New Art Gallery Walsall, Chelsea Theatre, Stanley Picker Gallery, East Street Arts, Wysing Arts Centre, 25 SG. They are currently collaborating with the Live Art Development Agency on the Study Room in Exile and the Library for Performing Rights.