The Hazardous Family


The Hazardous Family – as a part of HAZARD 08, outbreaks of hazardous behaviour and guerrilla live art, we investigated Engels’ collected works through political speeches and a family picnic at Parsonage Gardens and in front of Chetham’s Library, Manchester 12 July 2008, 1pm and 4pm

The Hazardous Family was a performance intervention. This was an opportunity to investigate the construction of the family within present day consumer capitalism. This was a reading of Engels’ texts. This was a family picnic. This was a chance for us to make political speeches. This was the act of calling upon office workers. This was in red, green and white. This was an experiment in family activism. This was a family from Liverpool on a day-trip to Manchester.‘The first division of labour is that between man and woman for the propagation of children. ’Marx & Engels